Our Approach – High-Performance Internet Marketing

iMi digital markets your products and services successfully on the web. Setting up the Internet presence (website, webshop, portal or app) is only the first step for us. Because what good is the best Internet presence if nobody finds it and the website doesn’t generate interaction, leads or sales?

Suitable online marketing measures, such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, and mailings attract the necessary visitors (traffic) to your website. However, your web presence will only be successful if it reaches the third level of performance – the conversion (involvement, leads or sales).

By enhancing conversion (by optimizing web activities and/or improving usability), your Internet presence will be successful and can continuously be improved through ongoing web analysis.

Within the scope of our approach, we offer all services from one hand: professional web presence (homepage, shop or portal); extension of web marketing activities (search engine optimization / search engine marketing, social media marketing and mailings); and converting visitors into buyers/customers. High performance means not only customer-friendly design, but also attracting more visitors to your website - above all, more lucrative visitors or customers. In summary: More sales will be generated online.

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