Efficient promotions with Internet POS – enormous sales impact

Online and offline POS are increasingly merging. Therefore, marketing measures have to be interlinked. However, how can companies attract customers / shoppers from Internet into stores (and vice versa)? iMi digital demonstrates innovative ways for Internet POS campaigns for increased sales.

iMi digital Services & Benefits

  • Conception of sales-oriented POS Internet promotions
  • Design and execution of microsites
  • Coordination of data compilation and sweepstake handling
  • Marketing in Internet (SEA, social media, mailings) and at POS
  • Monitoring and budget optimization

How do online-driven promotions work and what is the impact at the POS?

Web-driven promotions are sales promotions on the Internet that initiate sales impulses at the point of sale in stores. Potential buyers can be attracted to the promotion via web marketing activities, usually through Google search engine marketing or portals, and invited to participate. By providing a purchase incentive, the link between the promotion and purchase is established, for instance with the purchase receipt.

Participation rates are comparable to other traditional promotions. However, the big advantage is that POS decoration and sales support is not necessary. Even though this shifts the digital world shopping experience to the real world, this trend benefits all concerned by actively targeting online shoppers to purchase offline.

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