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Search engine marketing is an optimal tool to efficiently market your products and services on the Internet. Advertising logic is reversed with search engine marketing: potential customers, who search for your specific services and products, should find you as a potential provider - if you are listed at the top in Google and other search engines.

iMi digital Services & Benefits

  • Individual SEO and SEA strategies - concept, implementation, control
  • Identification and mapping of relevant keywords
  • Creation and optimization of your Adwords campaigns (SEA)
  • Optimization of techniques, content, text and usability of your website (SEO)
  • Continuous development of links / backlinks (SEO)
  • Monitoring and control incl. optimizing your budget allocation

Search engine marketing begins with the identification of keywords and keyword combinations relevant for you, based on your performance and searches on Google - because at the end of the fishing line, the bait has to attract the fish and not the fisherman. We determine which keywords users search that match your services and products.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) - technical and content optimization as well as links - is then implemented for you. The search engines list the ranked results according to specific criteria. We continuously adapt the measures to the new conditions and algorithms of Google and other search engines. In this way, you will always be found first, even with increasing competition. The criteria are constantly changing - Google changes approximately 500 criteria per year. We stay on the ball for you!

Search engine optimization begins where your customers look for solutions to their needs and problems. If your website has the answers, then you also have to be found on Google and other search engines! Successful SEO is manifold:

  • Technology: Only a technically perfect website is well-ranked by search engines. Error-free programming, short loading times and optimal data transmission are essential for good rankings.
  • Content: Search engines - and of course your customers - only find your products when the search terms appear on your page. High-quality and timely content from Google are regarded positively.
  • Usability: Search engines measure the usability of a website - based on user behavior. If many visitors leave the website or the loading times are too long, the search engines “punish” the website. We optimize your website so that users have a positive experience.
  • Linking: Where is my page on the Web? Search engines derive where you are ranked based on links to other websites. The more important the setting is, the more important your website is. We link your website with other high-quality networks in order to be ranked at the top in search engines.

Successful search engine advertising (SEA) places your advertising at optimal locations in the results page of Google and other search engines and relevant search queries of the user. We manage your complete advertising strategy within allocated budgeting to accurately reach users who want to reach you!

Our Google-certified specialists assist in creating campaigns to optimize your advertising budget by extending successful ads and deleting less successful ads and text based on A/B testing. We measure success not only by number of visits, but mainly by the purchase and contact rates (conversion optimization).

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