Environment & Health: the iMi Sustainability Strategy

As a modern company, the iMi Group assumes responsibility for environmental protection and employee health. For this reason, our sustainability strategy for mankind and the environment is always at the focus of our thoughts and actions. We are convinced that any contribution to preserve our planet, its resources and our fellow man is sensible and important.

Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie Umwelt iMi

The objective

The primary goal of our sustainability strategy is to treat people and resources responsibly. Our environmental efforts focus on reducing our consumption of resources and acquiring supplies from as environmentally friendly sources as possible. We support the health of our employees with targeted initiatives. Goals are set on a regular basis and are continuously monitored.

Clean Energy and Sustainable Gas

With the supply of electricity and gas, it is important that these resources come from sustainable and renewable sources. We pay close attention that our service providers positively contribute to the ecological balance. Therefore, we only source from companies which use or purchase electricity from renewable sources.

Saving Resources Where Possible

The second aspect of our sustainability strategy is to reduce our company's consumption of resources. Many small but effective steps are on the agenda:

  • Reduction of water consumption by flow limiters
  • Recycling of paper
  • Effective waste separation
  • Use of economical and durable LEDs
  • Replacement of old appliances with energy-efficient devices
Fitness iMi

The health of our employees

The health of our employees also contributes to the sustainability of iMi. With offerings for exercises to prevent back pain, stress testing, prevention and management, and discounts for the gym or swimming pool, we would like to promote the health-conscious behavior of our employees. Preventive measures, including optional in-house flu shots, are also offered for effective protection.