Web Analytics - 4 Steps to Business Success

Use your website data to optimize your Internet presence and achieve your goals faster.

We show you in 4 steps how to optimally increase your conversion rates through web analysis.

Web Analysis Step 1: Concept

Web Analysis Step 2: Implementation

Web Analysis Step 3: Monitoring

Web analysis Step 4: Recommendations

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Web Analysis - Step 1: Conceptual phase

To start, we create a business plan with you. We examine the relevant keywords and analyze the potentials of different online marketing channels, focused on your goals. The advantage is that you do not lose sight of your goals and plan the budget accordingly before starting your activities.

Web Analysis - Step 2: Implementation

The ongoing measurement of your Internet presence and online marketing measures is essential for your success.

If you have not already implemented a tracking tool, we recommend the right tool according to your needs.

We work with all common tracking systems

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Omniture / Sitecatalyst
  • Etracker
  • Sistrix
  • Xovi
  • webtrekk

We also help you link your tracking system to other interfaces, e.g. Adwords.


Web Analysis- Step 3: Monitoring

In the ongoing process, we identify the appropriate tracking and web analysis for you, determine which of your online measures (SEO, SEA, Social Media) are successful and how you can optimize your budget for particular campaigns or better allocate it.

The key figure analysis enables you to effectively control and hone your Internet presence and online marketing activities.

The web analytics also analyzes how the conversion rate (lead or purchase rate) can be significantly increased by improving user management (usability).

Web Analysis- Step 4: Recommendations

Data acquisition is the first step in conversion optimization. A professional web analysis is vital. Many companies still receive unserviceable reports with meaningless performance figures and general statements that are not suitable for managing Internet activities. After all, only analysis, interpretation and recommendations for action enable an efficient management of your digital marketing. Therefore, iMi digital provides monthly dashboards of clear key figure reports with specific recommendations for improving  your online marketing measures and conversion rates.

The content of our dashboard is prepared in a structured management presentation by iMi digital:

  • KPI-oriented reports measuring the performance of your online activities as well as the conversion / usability of your Internet presence
  • Interpretation of the data
  • Benchmarking with other companies in your industry
  • Recommendations for optimizing budget allocation and conversion rates (sales / leads)

The dashboards can be used to promote and demostrate success in classic management presentations.

In addition to web analysis and the creation of dashboards, iMi digital can also help you actively control your Internet activities to guarantee your success.



Our structured web analysis consists of a clear and comprehensible process:

  1. Definition of goals, strategy and business plan for your online marketing activities including budget distribution and conversion rates, such as: visitors, dropout rates, sales / leads
  2. Integration of a tracking tool (customized according to the respective requirements), e.g.: Google Analytics, Webtrekk, etracker or Adobe Omniture
  3. Continuous tracking of the development of relevant data / KPIs (including visitor, subscription rates, length of visits, number of sales, conversion rates)
  4. Web analysis with data interpretation (which marketing campaigns run well, where is there optimization potential, where do users drop out in the process?)
  5. Optimize the usability and control of online marketing measures for efficient budget allocation as well as optimization of conversion rates
  6. Presentation of the results in a monthly management dashboard including evaluation, benchmarking and interpretation of the key figures as well as recommendations for further optimization

iMi digital would like to show you how you can significantly improve your online marketing and lead generation with web analysis.

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