Conversion optimization

Everyone talks about conversion optimization. However, the topic is often not tangible for laymen.

We show you the steps for professional conversion optimization and how to increase your conversion rate.

Step 1: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

A detailed analysis is required at the start in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence.

In analyzing your Internet activities, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Usability
  • Added value
  • Call-to-action
  • Marketing channels

The key figures from the tracking tool are essential for quantitative analysis:

  • Number of visitors: Does your website get enough traffic? We look at your current flow of visitors and analyze your potentials in various channels.
  • Dropout rates: How many visitors are not convinced of your offer and leave your site?
  • Conversion rates: How many leads does your offer generate?

To determine the quality of your success, we look closely at visitor behavior:

  • Visit duration: Is your offer able to retain visitors for long? Which content is convincing and what is not?
  • Conversation paths: Which stations do your visitors make along their journey conversion? Where do they dropout?
  • Usability: Here we analyze the structure and user management of your website. Are all important elements visible? Does the user immediately know what to expect? Which elements work well, which confuse him?
Conversionoptimierung KPI

Step 2: Suggestions for Optimization

Once all the weak points and potential for improvement have been identified, we make specific recommendations. A realistic prioritization according to cost-benefit aspects is important. Often, strong levers can be implemented with little effort.

We describe exactly how technical changes should be made and the steps necessary to take advantage of the potential of different online channels.

Conversionoptimierung Monitoring

Step 3: Test Phase (A/B Testing)

The changes we propose are tested before their final implementation: Do they achieve the performance that we intend? In A / B testing, a portion of the user stream is routed to the optimized pages and the rate of conversion increases. There are programs specially designed for A / B testing that allow us to test independently from your web developers.

Step 4: Implementation

After an extensive testing phase, all high-performance optimization approaches are implemented technically. Until your Web developers have finalized the optimized pages, we continue to route the user stream over the A / B testing tool so that you can benefit from the improved conversion rate without any losses.

Conversion Optimization - an iterative process

In order to continuously improve the performance of your website, regular optimization is necessary. Usually more changes are required in the beginning and only smaller adjustments are necessary thereafter.

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