Social Media Marketing

Attract attention. Sell efficiently.

Companies can use the interaction in social networks to find new ways to increase brand awareness and sales through referral marketing.

iMi digital Services & Benefits

  • Customized social media strategies – concept, implementation, management
  • Planning and management of your Facebook, XING and Google+ activities
  •  Implementation of efficient multipliers, advocate and word-of-mouth measures
  • Management of product tester teams incl. publications in blogs and portals
  • Monitoring and management incl. optimization of your budget allocation

iMi digital supports you in taking the right steps in social networks. We offer a variety of services:

Management of your fan page on Facebook & Co.

Managing social media fan pages can be an overwhelming task. Ongoing posts according to editors' plans, responses to user contributions and questions, as well as recognizing and handling potential shitstorms are just a few of the issues that a business needs to manage. Our experienced professionals do this for you - whether on Facebook, Google+ or other networks.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing creates incentive for others to buy products. By linking large numbers of users, many products are bought due to user recommendations. People trust the recommendations of friends.

WOM - word of mouth as a multiplier on the Web

Increasing the reach on the Web is essential. Digital opinion leaders determine what is purchased online by recommending products. We develop customized Internet WOM strategies for our clients.

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is a powerful tool to market own products and services on the web today. Bloggers have incredible influence over purchasing decisions.

Marketing own brands and products in social networks opens up many rewarding segments. However, caution should also be exercised: Incorrect strategies or actions can quickly harm one's own appearance in social networks. Possible discrepancies must be carefully monitored and responded to.

We support you by creating an optimal marketing strategy for social media and demonstrate where opportunities can be exploited. We support you and your presence in social networks competently and comprehensively.

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