Traditional online marketing

Despite ongoing changes in the web, traditional online marketing is still an important part of a successful online strategy, and should not be neglected. Classic banner advertising still draws the attention of many potential customers. Even intelligent email marketing offers opportunities if implemented properly. Offline marketing can also be effectively linked to online marketing in order to significantly increase traffic.

Classic banner advertising in affiliate marketing continues to generate significant traffic and should be taken advantage of. We have a network of competent and reliable partners to optimally position your appearance. So-called "retargeting" sends banners with new offers to customers, adjusted to their online purchases, to generate customer loyalty.

Moreover, an intelligent mailing strategy can be used to make customers specifically aware of online offerings. It is important that the offering also provides the customer with real value.

Clever ideas using a combination of offline and online marketing at POS can be used to generate traffic to websites, which makes sense where brand loyalty already exists.

We will demonstrate which traditional online marketing tools are the most appropriate for your particular online strategy in order to exploit maximum potential.

iMi digital Services & Benefits

  • Tailor-made strategies with cost-benefit analysis: concept, implementation, management
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of your mailings - to extend your customer base
  • Management of your affiliate marketing and POS display marketing
  • Design, placement and management of your banner ads
  • Monitoring and maintenance incl. optimizing budget allocation

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