The B2B shop: special solutions for special requirements

A B2B shop has particular stipulations and therefore requires special solutions. In contrast to B2C e-commerce, complexer products and services are often offered. Special mechanisms are required to distribute the offerings. Marketing is addressed to decision makers, not end consumers. iMi digital is the ideal partner for your B2B project due to our many years of experience and expertise in the field of B2B webshops. Let us competently accompany you through the process.

1. Development of an effective online strategy for your special B2B offering

A detailed online strategy should be developed at the start. Especially for a B2B shop, specific issues need to be considered because the business entails special conditions: is a webshop worthwhile for you in B2B? We will evaluate your opportunities and set up an effective business plan for you. In addition, the technical specifications and content of the webshop need to be planned:

  • What should be offered on the web shop?
  • What features should the webshop have and how can they be technically implemented?
  • How should the offer be presented?
  • What options are there to market the product effectively?

We jointly resolve these issues and summarize them in a sound concept

2. Technical implementation of the B2B shop according to the special requirements of your business

When the concept is completed, our certified Magento team develops the B2B shop. With more than 25% market share, Magento is the clear market leader in shop systems. It is particularly stable, flexible and reliable. In addition to the 5,000 modules in the module library , iMi digital develops customized module solutions for you that are precisely targeted to your needs. Special sales channels, specific legislation or customization require special software solutions, for example complex configurators.

Magento connects to existing ERP systems, such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, through its numerous interfaces. Our experts will find the ideal solution for your IT environment.

3. Shop marketing in B2B

iMi digital markets your B2B shop in all relevant online channels. The special business environment of the B2B sector requires unique marketing strategies. Under certain circumstances, the addressees are located elsewhere: Decision makers need to be addressed and complex issues concisely communicated. Our marketing experts develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to the particular business situation of your B2B shop:

  • Through search engine marketing, your offer is placed in search results and search advertising.
  • If there is potential in social networks, your business is promoted via social media marketing.
  • With content marketing, certain decision makers can be specifically addressed. By placing valuable content in relevant blogs and online magazines, specific target groups can be addressed and won over.
  • Even the classic methods of online marketing, such as e-mail marketing or banner advertisements with partners, may be useful in the B2B sector to address specific target groups.

4. Monitoring & Analysis

Regular monitoring and analysis of relevant indicators are also crucial for success. On request, iMi digital creates monthly reports with precise recommendations on how to increase sales in your B2B shop – the focus is on consistent conversion rate optimization because, particularly in the B2B sector, these products and services are often subject to specific conditions.

As an agency, iMi digital has more than 10 years of experience in numerous B2B projects and is truly specialized in this area.

Take advantage of our expertise and contact our specialists in order to find out how to successfully realize your B2B shop!

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